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Please look at the info about the Kenya concert Jazz For Peace just did. Please write a comment about the song and video at http://jfp.abc4all.net/topics/view/65586/



What is most important is the "rehearsal" now to share with others and have them do the same.



That will be the "viral loop" that our volunteer wants to reach 100 million youth around the world. In Nigeria alone there are 60 million youth.


Egypt's population 30 and under - 60%


CLICK! for Email about sharing with others.


We are at 870 Mentors now from 110 countries going to all countries via the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

There are anywhere from 1 to 114 mentors in one country (Nigeria has always had the most).


Jazz For Peace has created this Grant Presentation


The application for a Jazz for Peace Foundation grant is found here:


This does not require a finished project, just that you have a worthwhile cause - look at the application and you will see how simple it is.

Every ABC4All Mentor will have access to the grant if you sell 25 pairs of VIP tickets at $25 each, that's it! They do all the rest and you have no expenses.

Details here: http://f4wc.abc4all.net


This is a match made in heaven, an answer to what the world needs and JFP is totally supportive of ABC4All goals and vice versa.

The partnership catapults BOTH to maximize what each wants to do in the world.

If you are already an ABC4All Mentor, you are eligible to apply. That is sufficient.

Please know that JFP Team is totally cooperative, and a number of ABC4All Mentors have already submitted grant applications.

This is going to bring into fruition what ABC4All has been developing for 13 years.

When ABC4All was introduced to JFP 6 weeks ago, we could not have known what this would mean.


We only supported the Kenyan concert with 72 mentors there at the time (more have joined since including the manager of the conservancy being supported!).

But then they agreed to partner with ABC4All, and we submitted our own application which was approved with a date confirmed now for 4/27/11.

I updated the book in press with a Prelude, "Poised for Relief: You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving" because of all that has happened since.


JFP is coming to Pasadena CA to do a concert 3/10/11, and every effort will be made to meet Rick DellaRatta in person and provide him with 3 gallons of PAW-treated water.  He more than deserves it.

So if an ABC4All Mentor submits a project which, if approved, JFP will come to the country in question to do a concert?

Yes. And they will help you get a larger venue if you sell out a smaller one.


When you sell 200 tickets they then give you 100% of the proceeds after that at $35/ticket.


So that means in a nutshell, they are fundraisers and the grant is coming from the proceeds of the concert right?

Yes. They have raised as much as $250,000 in one evening for a cause. We want to exceed that and will do it with ALL mentors helping out to spread the word.


Look what just happened in Egypt.

ABC4All Mentors have their own YOUNGSTER REVOLUTION coordinated by 2 ABC4All Mentors from Uganda.

What has happened in Tunisia, Egypt has set the stage for ABC4All Mentor Waleed's dream to come into reality. Waleed is from Egypt and early on as a Mentor, he shared his dream that all leaders would come from TIG:

"There is no doubt that TakingITGlobal is the most important online place. Only TIG can help young leaders all over the world to exchange our ideas and think together about achieving the best. With TIG there is no borders between us - only what we need is to be online to make new friendships between each other and respect one another. I have a dream that I would like to live to see the day that all youth leaders in all over the world from TIG will be the real leaders in their countries. Then we will have all what we need to reach our goals, not only for youth, but for our world and our next generations."


We already have one ABC4All Mentor working in an important role as a leader in Uganda.

"It is rather unfortunate our leaders are so selfish that they make innocent people pay for their greediness." --Billy Yasin, ABC4All PanAmbassador, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Ghana


If we have a date set for the concert in our country, who is going to pay for the expenses of JFP coming to our country? JFP handles all expenses.

You give them 3 dates and they choose one.



Please talk to the local team in your country and see how this can be moved forward and how we can sell the first 25 VIP ticket pairs at 30% discount ($25 per ticket) or a total of $1250 collected, and JFP receives $900 which confirms the date for the concert in your country.  You keep $350 which has already been raised for your cause.

They have helped raise funds for 700 nonprofits in 8 years all over the world.


This is what the world needs.  Locally ABC4All has partnered with Amigos Sin Barreras / Friends Without Borders (Amigos) with the 2 organizations working together to support programs for HIV/AIDS clients and to raise funds for the dream of establishing a hospice so clients do not die alone AND Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) across the world jointly in partnership with Jazz For Peace Foundation:  www.jazzforpeace.org/grant 


JFP has their method of raising funds (intellectual property) patent pending. What they do is brilliant and we are so fortunate ABC4All can be their partner and vice versa.

You can continue to sell tickets, but look at the info about the Kenya concert they just did. Please write a comment about the song and video at http://jfp.abc4all.net/topics/view/65586/

This does not have to be a one time event.

For example, they will return to Kenya maybe twice a year to support the conservancy.


If you read the Jazz For Peace Foundation website, you will see all the info:



ABC4All itself applied for a grant, and then JFP approved our partnership almost immediately when they learned about us and ABC4All WorldSolutions

including Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

It is all so appropriate. It is a unique and extraodinary opportunity for each and every one of the ABC4All Mentors who can literally make a mark on creating the World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)