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Tsunami Earthquake Victims

Jazz For Peace Dedicates Music Video to the Tsunami / Earthquake victims to help hundreds of outstanding causes in partnership with Amigos Sin Barreras / Friends Without Barriers working together for a better world with A Better Community For All (ABC4All).

Dear Friends,


In the coming weeks/months The Jazz for Peace Foundation will be using this music video dedication to the March, 2011 Tsunami/Earthquake Victims in conjunction with their Empowerment Grant Program to raise millions in funds, publicity and awareness for hundreds of the worlds most outstanding causes.


Jazz for Peace dedicates “Kojo No Tsuki” and “Waters of March – Live in Africa!” to the Tsunami/Earthquake victims of March, 2011.

Click here for Music Video -  www.jazzforpeace.org                               


With the wonderful opportunity they have given me to assist them with their selection process, please click on the video above and let me know if you would like to suggest an outstanding organization to be considered for this funding.





The Jazz for Peace Grant Recipient Referral Research Team  

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