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Invitation to view a slide show presentation of CHRISTOPHERS' visit to UK,2008

November 25, 2011, 3:00 am
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You are invited to view a slide show of CHRISTOPHERS' visit to the United Kingdom in October 2008 at:

This slide show contains photos of Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Executive Director and Mrs.Kala Christopher,Honorary Secretary,Goodwill Social Work Centre who visited the United Kingdom in 2008 at the invitation of Mr.Robin Rowland,Founder and Chairman,Global Links Initiative,U.K.The purpose of their visit was mainly to attend a meeting organised by the GLI(UK) to review the GLI(UK)-GOODWILL(India) Tamilnadu GLI networking partnership initiative implemented in the state of Tamilnadu,India during 2006-2009.The Christophers also visited a number of UK-based projects and held discussions with GLI social entrepreneur Networkers. To quote from the news titled “GLI Welcomes Christopher and Kala of Goodwill Social Work Centre to the UK” published on GLI's website(,)dated 14th November 2008 “It was also a renewing of friendships as quite a number of those UK Networkers have been inspired by their visits to Goodwill and other GLI Networker projects in Tamilnadu”. Goodwill Social Work Centre places on record its deepest sense of gratitude to Mr.Robin Rowland and his GLI team for the invaluable help and support so graciously extended to Dr.Christopher and Kala Christopher for their visit to the United Kingdom in October 2008.



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